Friday, October 30, 2009

Mega Dose 2 - 2 days after

It's after 2am and I am just now sitting up for any length of time. I've ate 3 peanut butter and crackers, 2 jellos and attempted to eat Chick-Fillet nuggets, keyword there being attempted. OK, actually i ate them, they just didn't stay. My throat feels ripped apart from all the throwing up. If you have throat cancer this is not a desired effect nor is it moving forward in healing. I've kept about 10-20 mg of Lortab at a time and phenegran (probably spelled both wrong), and the pain is still busting through.

  I'm considering shaving my hair the rest of the way off, it looks like something out of a horror movie right now. I got in my new Do-Rags from Sparkling Earth Products and they are great! Inexpensive and attractive. Google them, they are worth the time. I now have 2 Ms Clawson made me, 5 from S.E.P. and 3 from Classic Leathers. I'm in style now, lol. Also have 3 Toboggans.

  I read my Facebook comments tonight and thank God that I have such great friends and family.  About to go back to la-la land.