Monday, May 20, 2013

Rathfoot Follow-Up 5-22-2013

  Busy day today, started with a Follow-Up to Dr Rathfoot and then some supply shopping. The visit went well but had a bit of good and bad. Good thing is that the area has finally quit dying from the Radiation damage, which is wild considering it's been over 3 years ago. Bad new, the scar tissue is pretty bad. For the last 2 weeks it has become increasingly harder to breathe, ok, longer than that, lol. The last 2 weeks though a little rough including bleeding and soreness, along with major hoarseness. Over the years I've learned to use my diaphragm to speak loud enough to hear and different amounts of pressure to use to make some sounds.

  He scoped me and saw that the vocal chords (I'm guessing thats right) weren't opening well and hindering air flow. Funny how the mind works. I heard that he wanted to do surgery and that I might have to have a temporary Trach Tube to breathe until the swelling went down and from there I went into panic mode, lol. I took it that he would do the Kenalogue (spelling ?) injections, possible stretching, and check to make sure the cancer isn't back or that he missed something. My mind however focused on the possibility of a tube in my throat, weird how that worked. I went into salvage mode and asked if we could first try the Prednisone dosage being doubled from 5mg to 10mg per day. It worked, I bought a month to see if the swelling will go down and the vocal chords will open up so I can breathe better. It ain't like I didn't know this was coming, but in the middle of summer, I hope to wait.

  We went from there to Earth Fare to get some stuff and from there to Sams to get more stuff. Other than Dr's appointments we don't do Knoxville or anywhere a whole lot, so we stock up when we go. We buy in bulk usually except for some everyday things, then we stock up on those items too. No coupon or sale, no buy. Those times we run short on funds, we stock enough to tide us over. One doesn't have to be a Doomsday Prepper to Prep for hard times or to save money.

  The gardens this year... not too good, and thats ok too. My breathing issues have slowed me down a lot and taken energy away. The two Peacocks that guarded my Green Bean Corn garden died last year of old age. We still have 4 roofs to replace from the storm 2 years ago. One crew I wouldn't hire again and the other broke apart, but I have help that if we ever get out of the Monsoon season we will put them on. The Tomato area is a wash, though Denise says replant. Between the rains and Megan's Mallards she turned loose they didn't stand a chance, plus Megan chasing her ducks took out a few. Cabbage, Garlic, and peppers are doing ok though and I don't know enough about Brussels Sprouts Swiss Chard, and Cauliflower to know how they're doing, but they look good. Ms Hen and her babies wiped the Okra out and most of the Sunflowers too. I didn't get the garden set up or the seeds started, due to my lawn mower repair, lol. I still don't have full use of the fingers yet, but I'm getting there. Funny how one second of ignorance can take months to get over. I want to work some on the house, the truck, and I'd like to work on one of the old cars, finishing the boat wouldn't hurt either. Maybe go fishing. Either way, I won't plant green beans this year. Corn, maybe, beans, nope. Sooo it's all good. :)