Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I meant to say this earlier, but food got in the way. :)



Friday, November 18, 2011


Been a week. They thought Denise's dad had a stroke but a check and that wasn't why he suddenly passed out. It's looking more like heart. He is back home now and resting well.

  I forgot to go get a check-up on my finger this week. It don't bend all the way yet and still large, but it's there. :)

  Rathfoot ordered a pulse ox check, so I slept with a monitor on my finger. Bad news is, at sometimes during the night I must have decided to sleep on the couch. That means I unhooked from the O2, which actually happens quite frequently. I'm sure my levels will be low. For the most part I think I do feel a little better when I keep it on a while.

  One of the two teeth came out, post and all. Morristown Dental Center got me right in and placed it back. I now have a mold that I do a 10 minutes Fluoride treatment with every night.

  Me and Megan fed the cows, another calf born. So far, that makes six this year. No Buzzards this time again. It might be that we run them off and it might be the neighbor's dog. He looks for us to feed and is right there. He don't bother anything, but I call him cow dawg because he loves to drive the cows. Today somebody else had a Boxer get loose. That dog was goofy and got too close to a newborn, until mom chased him off. He wasn't trying to hurt it, just curious. It's turned colder than a Well Digger's butt these last few days.   

Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

Just a note to say Thank You to all the Veterans and their families. God Bless.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Happy Birthday Josh. 11 years old. Well, actually tomorrow.

Finally back up to where I was, except fingers not healed all the way. Dr Schindler wants me to do a follow-up so maybe this week if it rains and he has space open. For two days now I haven't had it taped on the buddy system. It don't bend all the way but it will do. My neck finally got back to where it was, C5&6 are about where they were. I actually popped it in the tub. It's a 75 gallon tub and after soaking in hot water I submerged my head, shook it back and forth, and snap, crackle, pop... back to regular. I don't look like the Hunchback, swelling gone down.

  Me and Megan finished one step out the back of the Sunroom. First step, over 500lbs of concrete. We got the ceiling fans up in the Sunroom too, now just the walls and the rest of the floor. Me and Megan also put a standup fountain in there and decorated it.

  Misty is healing pretty quickly. Her and Matt have been picking up and dropping off the kids from school now. That was fun doing that, like old times when the kids were little. I teased Josh and told him I was going to leave out my teeth and say give Papaw sugars at the school, lol. I wouldn't do that but I love joking with the kids.

  Sunday Mark called, said the buzzards were circling and we had a cow balling. Me and Megan went up there and over a dozen buzzards, give or take, were after a newborn calf. I've been around cows all my life and this was a first. The cows were in a group, holding them at bay, for how long God only knows. We shoo'ed them away, came back home and got the shotgun, but they had all left. The news said they had overproduced and were attacking calves. I've watched the skies over our cows and Mark's since then. I figure I can take care of the overpopulation problem. It makes me wonder about his and our calf losses last year. It's a strange world these days.

  The O2 is fine, since the humidifier was added. Then again, I wake up sometimes and find I've slightly removed it in my sleep. (grin) Denise still hates my hair and beard, lol. Funny how people react differently to someone with short hair verses long hair, shaven verses unshaven. It's like two different worlds. Finally I'm on a diet, until Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners anyway. No change in neuropathy.

  I got a very nice email from  Serge Lavange with You are right Serge, I'm not sure that the blog and your website are related, but I posted you a link anyway. Thank you for the kind words.

  If should I not post before 11-11-11, thank you to all the Veterans who have served. May God bless and keep you in His Grace.

Finally, Brian sent me this. It is pretty cool.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


  Misty is doing fine, still a lot of pain, but she is doing good. She should know soon the results of the cist they took out. (Probably spelled that wrong). Tonight she was in pain. She slightly overdone it today.

  I got maybe 3 hours sleep last night with the O2. What a headache it gave me. My sinuses were dried out along with my throat. Tonight they brought a humidifier for the O2 machine... thank God.

  Michael got our shutters in today and put on the house today. The only thing we really lack now is the metal replaced on 2 garages and 2 storage buildings, Matt & Misty's bathroom floor covering. I think that is it as far as storm damage goes. Michael is coming back later though when he gets storm damage work done to do under the porch and eves in soffit.

  A few of the Garlic is up, not many though, but I got faith the rest will follow.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


  Misty had her surgery and was feeling a little rough today, Matt took the day off again to stay with her. They took out the cist and Gall Bladder yesterday. They are sending the cist off to examine it, maybe she will know what it was by week's end.  She was feeling a lot of pain today, but I still made her laugh. She had ate some of the last tommy toe tomatoes I had picked that I brought her.  

I've gotten to take the kids to school 2 times now, and again tomorrow. Annie picked them up today. I slept with the O2 machine last night. Denise awoke to an alarm and she said I had turned it off and took it off in my sleep, lol. It was OK, but I still don't see of feel the difference.

 My fingers are slow to heal but they're getting there. C5&6 swelling has slowly gone down and between my shoulders is backing off, whatever you call those backbones. The cuts have went fast though. Knee is quite a bit better and elbow too. Right shoulder still a bit slow to heal.

  I played with the tractor a little, let Megan drive, ran errands and we moved the ramp they used in the Sunroom, which BTW has a ceiling now, thanks to Al & Mr Fox. I go to Suntrust tomorrow to close my last account there and next week we close with AT&T on the home phone and web. We're still contemplating the cells.

  Yesterday we got the fence patched up from the cows invading the hay area, they ate buffet I guess.  Part of 1 row is up with the Garlic, the rest is still down. Today I went to Ms Clawson's house and moved her piles of shavings and remains of a massive tree she had cut with the tractor. She is a nice lady. When I was doing chemo and lost my hair she made me 3 or 4 Do Rags to wear and wouldn't let me pay her for them.  

  All in all, it's been a great day today.