Monday, January 4, 2010


  Eddie Brooks came today just as he promised and while the house still feels cold, it appears to be working. He charged a very reasonable fee too. Seems that when it was installed the installers failed to place a jumper downstairs. I guess it will take a while to warm this house back up.

  Annie and I both are still cramping but mine is subsiding somewhat. It looks as if tomorrow is on for radiation. They called from radiation early this morning, apparently they hadn't received the message the Denise left last night. I told her that I know that there are several people there still doing chemo, plus the staff there and I didn't want to take a chance and give it to anybody. We will Lysol everything down just to make sure. I've lost back to 194 lbs so maybe some heavier shoes tomorrow to get me back to the magical number 195. Some of my pain today was very much like when I ripped off the pain patch, I know this one is due to change. Just in case it has expired, I took an Endocet. It seems to have smoothed the pain a bit. In addition to the pain, I was exhibiting all the symptoms a new friend that reads the blog warned me of, sweating, racing heart, pain by the buckets, especially in the kidneys. As a precaution, I will take another, one every 4 hours. God I can't wait to be done with all this pain medication. Megan made me some tea... her first ever and she done quit well at it. 

   I filled out 2 MMR reports for Fannie Mae for mom, Matt is suppose to go to the office and upload them tonight. I also called to see about our commission check from a closing that happened on 12-23-09. No word yet but the check was cut. There are parts of this job I will miss. I also called the board and asked what all I needed to do to retire my license and thanked them for all the great years of support. My voice has changed such that Marylin or Nancy didn't recognize me for the first time. That was discussed though and we knew it would be a possibility. At least for now I get to keep it, and that is better than none at all.

  I'm anxious to see Dr Rathfoot Wednesday. I pray that he will say I'm clean. I'm not sure when I will see Dr. Panella and see the next CAT scan to see if it is out of the lymph node. It would be bad to have went through this Hell and it not get it gone.

  Maybe more later...