Friday, December 16, 2011


  Nothing really has changed since my post health wise. I'm holding my own still. I have found out though that cold weather is like hot weather, not too easy to breathe in. Everybody caught a cold and it was bad. I caught a touch of it but for all the negative for not having Saliva Glands that work one benefit, it helps stay the cold up stairs. :)  Swallowing is still a chore and the smaller the particle the easier to get choked, so the Predisone is a blast. I'm down to 7 pills in the morning, 2 mid day, 6 at night... none are addictive. 3 of those have to do with the heart and BP. 

  Megan has a boy friend that has come over a couple of times, he seems nice. He is intelligent, a history buff, has an expanded vocabulary, Respectful, kind, humble... but most of all, he is gentle with Megan. I worry though that he may not have enough to eat. His cars power steering is out and I told him we'd fix it but he hasn't come back this week since Megan is away at Denise's mom and dad. She is suppose to come home tomorrow. The dogs outside are lost, the cats are lost, Ms Hen and the rest are lost (she sneaks and tosses them dog food), peacocks seem a bit lost, and we definitely are. I went to feed the cows and the neighbor's dog was lost, even the cows looked for her. Misty has my twisted sense of humor and Megan my come what may attitude. Annie has Denise's quick temper and independence.

  Last week I fixed the power steering on the tractor. We've 32 cows and calves now, last I checked, more to be born yet. I worked on Big Ugly some. I think it needs a priest cause I'm pretty sure it's possessed. If it ain't I've cussed it enough to be, lol. I need it to go to TSC and get a new gate and T-Posts while they're on sale. If it ever dries up we're setting a new gate and fence by the hay lot.  Installed an electric fence, then tested it on puppy, lol. She was born in March 2011 and is way over 100lbs and stands on her hind legs about 6 feet tall, hence the need to go around the chain link fence with electric since she jumps it. It worked. :)

   So tomorrow we go Christmas shopping, I have mine pretty much all done. I miss dad. He was the hardest besides Denise to buy for. Neither of them are material at all. Me, I have a list, and come Christmas dinner when what is left of us is standing and sitting around there eating together, that is my list.

  So if I don't post before Christmas, Merry Christmas.