Wednesday, September 5, 2012


  Still been down, can't seem to get back up like I should. Yesterday Jack was killing Bailey and I went after him, that didn't help so I got my truck. Even that he outgunned. The shotgun in the butt, he wasn't as fast as he thought he was. I felt so bad and was so mad I done it twice more. Burnt that butt for him, so now he is for sale. I love him but I'm getting rid of him, he ain't gonna stop.

  I've been researching om Gluten. That would explain the bloating after eating, blood in the bowels, fatigue, and acid reflux. I'm not sure I;m smart enough but I am going to try to make things Gluten Free and favorable.I sent Misty and the kids home with a loaf of Whole Wheat, then I find that ain't good for someone to eat, especially with Autism. It is nothing short of a miracle that we both hit at the same time. Maybe we ca work it out to where I can bake some for them. The kicker is that it's in everything these days. Misty was told to get Brandon on a Gluten Free Diet.I know me and Megan will feel better and I believe that she will too. So while I'm down I'm reading. When it calls for vegetable oil I'll use coconut oil instead.

  I don't know when they started adding that stuff to Ketchup and soup and just about everything else. Almost everything we buy in the store, even ice cream has it. I pray that I can share what I find and do with Misty for Brandon. His doctor wants him off Gluten and MSG.