Sunday, January 9, 2011

Beyond & Back Show

I thought about dating this but it would have to have tomorrow's date. We sat and watched the TV show Beyond and Back on the Biography Channel. It is here on the web, well, it will be here eventually, lol.

The show turned out extremely well. I've had a lot of people already email, post comment on the blog and Facebook me messages telling me they enjoyed it. Chris, Supryia, and Alex.. plus the ones at the Bio Channel have done an excellent job. as we watched I heard sniffles, looked over and Denise was crying. She cried almost all through her interview which lasted from about 9-12. The first thing she noticed was that she had cried her makeup off and her face was puffy, lol. Personally, I thought she looked good. I aired with Dea and Matt. I haven't spoken with Matt but Dea is a nice lady. She write a book she sent to me, a very good book I must say.

 If the events in my life have changed even one person, helped one person... then it is all worth it. That would make my life have meaning and it will be a life worth living. I will be truly blessed. Already I have heard from some that have said they liked the show. Already I have made new friends. And that is what life is about, the wealth you can take with you. Love, Honesty, Compassion, Forgiveness, Faith, Friendship.

  Thank you to all of you who have commented. May God bless you and keep you from harm. But when and if harm comes, may He have reminders shown to you that no matter what happens, you are not alone unless you choose to be. May God keep it in your heart and mind that you count, you matter, and because of that, you are counted on.
God Bless and Keep You,


  Today is another day, lol. I had a bad abscess that came on my gum, maybe from cleaning, maybe not, who knows. It has finally gotten big enough to burst and actually feels so much better. I'm adjusting to the no teeth thing. I don't like it but then again Ive experienced a lot I really didn't like in the last 2 years, so I'll get use to it.  One thing is sure, if Denise ever threatens to slap my teeth out, I can always hide the jar. :)

  Tonight on the Biography Channel's I Survived Beyond and Back, me and Denise air. I think at 10PM, est. Boy do I ever look different now, lol. Denise says I'm a fuzzy, snaggle toothed woolie booger, she left out the word fat.

  Tomorrow we see if the Prednisone is working I've been on for what seems an eternity. It doesn't feel like it has. I think the constant sinus and bronchitis have set it back a bit. Not sure if that will effect the scope up the nose, I think not. The other drug they injected in surgery last time, they are suppose to be able to inject from the outside now. If they do I hope they knock me out first, or at least dope me up where I won't know better, lol. While it may be wrong, I picture the shot like the shots in the shoulder or knee.