Friday, September 9, 2011


  I got my stitches out yesterday, it hurt a little but only briefly, then it felt much better. Sidney said that it was impressive how fast and good my gums were healing. Denise said she gets the credit for fussing at me to constantly soak my gums in warm saltwater. :) I can eat soup now, but only soft soup, I'm slowly toughing them up. I think if I had eaten anymore soft scrambled eggs I'd have grown feathers and crowed. If I ate any more Tuna and Mayo I would grow gills. :) I went from the 231 to 221 now which is a good thing, but I want about 200. I go a little later than I wanted to get my impression for my teeth. Not exactly what I wanted, but then again I want a good fit. In the meantime I've avoided going out.

  Me and Megan moved and stacked the old lumber that was in the yard to the field where the Chicken Coop is. Megan wanted to target shoot for some time now and so today I thought about it and she asks for little, so we decided to target shoot. Megan picked her 2 guns out and I picked out 2 about 100 rounds and had a blast. Megan wanted to shoot the bigger guns so we took those back and got a few other ones. Matt and Josh came back and Denise came back too, and we took about 100 or more rounds that time too. Even Josh shot. Then Megan wanted to drive a little, she hasn't learned yet though she took Driver's Ed and passed. So tonight she drove a bit before dark. I'm kind of anal about driving techniques. I had 20 plus years at UPS with no tickets or chargeable accidents.  All in all we had fun.

  Tonight we discussed about Megan going to school. She is 19 now. So she looked at what the Voc Tech school has to offer, she said she didn't want College. The Voc Tech school has a fancy name now but I don't recall what they changed it too. Wonder if my degree from there is still a degree, lol. We've sheltered her quite a lot. She got so use to hearing that she had limits in high school so tonight I had her watch a guy named Nick, then come back and tell me her limits. I'm going to place one of the videos he has up. She thinks autobody since it involves paint. She has a talent for paint and drawing, not to mention photography. She first said electronics, which I smiled and asked if that was because of my degree, and I think it was.

  All in all, that is about it. I have to wait probably another 2 weeks before I get teeth. So I'll play hide and seek until then. Here is the video.