Friday, December 12, 2014

12-12-2014 The Meeting

  Me and Denise went to Tennova (formally St Mary's) hospital this morning to meet and be set up for the HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen) Therapy. So now we wait on the Insurance company to approve it. Something is terribly wrong in the country when Insurance corporations can superseded doctors. Then again, our health system is broken... thank you big pharma for that. We did learn that Blue Cross Blue Shield has decided they would not pay for HBOT, thank God I no longer have them. They decided there was no benefit. Perhaps the ones that I saw keep their legs, toes, feet, jaw bones, might disagree with that. That I saw first hand when I done the treatments before.

  So anyway, the new doctor was super nice, down to earth, and extremely smart. Two of the old cast and crew were still there and I met a lady who is one of the new ENTs that "dive" with the team. There is not a lot of possible side effects, blood clots, loss of hearing, loss of eye sight, stoke, and heart attack, sickness from O2. If that seems strange just look at the disclaimer on regular TV medicine ads or read the paper that comes along with a script. Using one's head and following the rules make this pretty safe.

  So my treatment play will be 60 treatments then a revaluation. The goal will be to stop and perhaps reverse the cartridge, vascular, and muscle damage the radiation left behind that is still ongoing. If this works resection of my voice box and throat will be off the table, but as far as I'm concerned it already is. I'm not looking forward to it but something has to give. They even provide transportation to and from, still it is a long trip. They want me to do treatments 6 times a week, said it seemed to work better, so I will comply. I am praying that it also gets my Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma back in line. That is another thing that has to give. It has gone body wide and in the painful stage, like a really bad burn yet at the same time itches like poison oak. I still have my Narrow Band UVB machine (NBUVB), but side effect... cancer. Imagine that, a cancer treatment that causes another cancer, lol. You can't make this stuff up, it is just too weird.