Friday, December 18, 2009

Dec 18th, Part 2

Part 2 -
  It has been a weird day... very weird. Green came by and sat on the bed and chatted for a while. We discussed the treatment and some of the sour outcomes so far that we're trying to heal from. We briefly discussed the continuation of the treatment. Green wants me to call his office on Tuesday. I talked with him about the crazy but sweet RN that seems to vanish when called. I told him I had waited 4 hours on pain meds and acid reflux pills. How I had rung into the station 5-6 times for my IV machine to be reset before finally giving up, putting on my shoes and jacket, grab my IV machine and went to them. A lady that attended us briefly between shift changes saw me, fix it, and said she'd get my meds. Within 10 minutes, it was all done correctly.

  Later on, Panella came by and said that my white blood cells was up to 1.01... we're making some improvements. He said maybe tomorrow... but probably not. I went over the events with the nurse that could have played a part in the movie, "Misery". I'm not sure just how much Panella listened to, but it didn't matter. After my chat with Green, we had another nurse that was good. I think it even shocked her after she stepped into the corner and stepped where it was sticky. It was about 1/2 of a bag of antibiotics she let run out. 4 hours for a acid reflux pill and pain pills?

  I did explain that I didn't want to be here and could do better at home. I am on the laptop so we will not get detailed until I get home on a computer. I also have a close-up picture of my throat so that when I write about Denise cleaning my wound, you will see what I am talking about.  I'm not sure how much farther I will go. This has become a mess, I have become a mess. I talked on my cell phone and on the hospital phone tonight and it wasn't until Denise handed me back the cell and she told me it was gross and needed cleaning did I see all the skin pieces plastered on the phones.

  We've been cleaning the wounds since I've been here. I think the nurses were suppoae to do it but after nobody offered, Denise said if they would bring the supplies that she would. Within 15 minutes... supplies! You have to use a 50/50 mixture of saline and hydrogen peroxide and bandage strips. You lay the now soaked (we used 4 inch strips) of a gauze like stuff on the injured part. We do this in a 2 stage, 1 for front and side, the other part for the back and side, mine is a full circle. Be prepared. The more you do this the worse it hurts so pray you don't get a nurse that screws up your pain meds like I did. This we repeat until I can't stand it of about 2-3 times. Then you pat dry, removing dead burnt skin, believe me... it will go layers. Anyway, you then apply the lotion your doctor has approved or one that worked for someone you know. Yep, you are about to break those Pearlie Whites  again out of pain, lol. Eventually the lotion will ease the pain in in just a few hours, you are ready to do it again. You do this until either you run outta skin, or outta dead skin.

   Please note caregiver. The lesions, burns,  and blisters are but a mere reflection of what the inside looks like. Actually the inside is worse I'm told... and I'd have to agree. It is not going to be easy for the victim no matter how much you try, but you can make it as painless as possible. Also please note that there is no reward for getting done faster. When the skin just sloughs off, it will wait for you to come and get it. The again, it may await a phone to attach itself too, lol. Like mine did.  

The white places are dead skin and meat that just keep sloughing off. It's not the nest pic in the world but not bad for a cell phone either.  Remember, the outside shows only a portion of what the inside looks like.

I have a fever of 101.3 tonight again. The nurse went to get a Tylenol pill, hopefully it will not be a repeat of this morning.

Dec 18th, - Another Day

  Rough night last night. I mouth breathed and Denise would wake me up so I could stop, but it still done damage. I spit up blood on and off again. My O2 stats were low again so I wore Oxygen all night and suppose to have it on now. I kept a low grade temperature all night and took Tylenol.

  I'm getting worried, acid reflux is a big no-no. It's almost 9:30 and we've asked a few times... still no meds. But they don't want me bringing my own? Luckily I don't need my blood pressure meds, my blood pressure has stayed low, not sure what that is a sign of. Couldn't eat this morning, too sore, but the food looked good.

Called yet again for my acid reflux meds... still nothing. I sent Denise after some over the counter ones. She was afraid they would kick me out but hey, making me worse off isn't helping. She thought the same thing when I stopped the radiation, now they are glad I did.

   The nurses last night... on th spot. So much differnt than today's, save one.