Tuesday, September 11, 2012


  Still down again tonight. This is the 2nd night in a row I've had to use Nitro, I hate that stuff, leaves a horrible taste. I think it's the yeast in my throat reducing the intake of O2 so I've sat and poked on the web the last 2 or 3 hours with the O2 hooked up. Then again I've gotten pretty heavy lately so who knows. Shortness of breath, fatigue, and chest pain... I've seen two of the three years ago which led to all three. God willing this January 31st will make 7 years since my heart attack. I think too the seasons changing and lack of rest. When I stop I hurt so I don't sleep well. Still with the bronchial infection too and today I mowed a very little around one of the gardens, briefly considering mowing the yard at Misty's old home.

  On the positive note tonight was the 2nd Gluten Free meal we ate. Denise is well ahead of me on the curve, which is nothing unusual. I research and collect data, and dread making bread, afraid I'll mess it up. Brandon's new doctor put him on a strict diet of no MSG or Gluten to help with his Autism. There are other things restricted too but these two I know some on. I've almost taught Denise how to read the labels on food, I'm the idiot reading the labels on everything. It's amazing though how good food tastes without all the wheat products in them, including Gluten. We had Chicken Alfredo last night and usually I don't eat all the pasta, and what I do I eat again and again plus bloat. I ate too much and for the first time had too much cheese on it. The pasta had great flavor without it coming a blizzard of cheese. Not as much blood in the stools either. Tonight, Meatloaf and our Peanut Beans, usually meatloaf does me like that too.

  If I could stay on that diet, get over this respiratory infection, and now eye, I'd feel better. The weight thing would take care of itself. Denise has lost 10 lbs in a couple of weeks cutting back on Gluten, and eats the same amount. Unbelievable. Probably wouldn't hurt to cut back or drop the Mt Dews, I think I have the mountain part now, lol. The eye, if it don't clear up soon I'll made some Colloidal Silver and put a drop or two in it. Works like a charm every time. The hardest part will be finding my silver wires and junk to hook up and make it. Push come to shove just the silver, a 9 volt battery and two clip leads.