Friday, April 12, 2013


I went to Dr Schindler today and he looked at the fingers and said the stitches were ready to come out, so he took them out. I have a lot of faith in that man. They are still swelled and he said to keep an eye on the Pinky since it was the one that had bacteria growing in it. I guess the bones and stuff are a bit bruised is the swelling thing, still can't put pressure or grab stuff yet, but I will, it'll just take time. The end of one finger is black, but hopefully that'll change. It looks as though I have kept my fingers, minus some of the material (guess that was fat) in the last two. This could have turned out a lot worse. Proof that God watches out for idiots. :) I have the worse 2 taped up tonight, just in case. It won't be long until I can get dirty again, the grip part will come. Soon as it does I have to fix the power steering on the tractor and the manifold on the dump truck. They will be off and not running, lol. It's all good.