Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

  I made it to another one and thus have many reasons to actually celebrate Thanksgiving. I've actually always had plenty of reasons to be thankful in my 52 years so far. They ain't all been easy, but with the exception of one, I've always been blessed with family and friends. Even that one, when I was doing chemo and sick, they were on the phone and made sure I had food. It seemed I'd eat one bite and throw up two, but I ate it. :) Over the years some faces are missing and new faces have been added. But that is as it should be I guess, so I give thanks for the opportunity to share my life in their company, and will see them one day again. Today though, a great God, family, friends and food... I should have worn larger pants though. :)  We had mom and Denise, all three daughters, my son in law, want to be son in law, all four grandkids, Mark and Bobbie. Me and Megan baked Wednesday and Denise started cooking Wednesday night, finished this morning, mom fixed some pies, and we had plenty. We all have left overs we shared, so we'll all eat good again. Mom's dressing is the bomb. Re-fry that stuff in a cast iron skillet with butter or coconut oil, add to reheated turkey or pork, and you just don't get no better than that. Well, maybe take some mashed taters and make them in a patty and fried in butter to go along with it. I think I see why I'm overweight now, lol. Denise can cook like no other, and I can eat leftovers like no other, lol. We might have grown up poor, but we knew how to eat, and didn't go hungry. 

  I actually took my medicine as it I should a day or two. Waited for the right day. I climbed onto the roof and blew out the leaves from the gutters and off the roof. No accidents or anything! I didn't look as macho as I did in my younger days, neuropathy isn't pretty on a slope, so I crawled on most of the roof, lol. We live in the woods though, so by the next day you can't tell anything has been done.  I'm kinda paying though for the rest of the leaf collection, but I expected as much, I didn't wear a mask.

  I've been making plans on next year's garden, God willing of course. I think I'll try something new, growing some grains. I know where the Buckwheat can grow, maybe the Millet, Quinoa, and Amaranth, but I also bought some of the Biblical Wheat too, less Gluten. But tomorrow, cow feeding time again. I have one calf that if he continues to put on weight, we will invite him back to the house about February or March, unless one of the others grows faster. They seem to run the weight off faster than they're putting it on. Next week we have a hair appointment. Denise wants me to get my hair cut shorter, which I will, but not too short. The beard a little trimmer too. I'm just thankful to have hair. Now if it would stay where its at and quit relocating. I ain't losing it. I still find it, just not where I want it to be. :) Having said that. I am thankful to have what I have.