Tuesday, February 19, 2013

02-19-2013 CT Scan Results

  We headed that way today and got them in... Great!!! There is a lot of damage left behind from the Radiation, so Dr Rathfoot explained it isn't what they see as much as what they don't see, change. That is what they mainly look for and what they base their findings on. We discussed upping and using more Dyfluken (spelling ?) with him due to the constant Yeast infections I get in my throat due to the Prednisone. He said he didn't want a tolerance to be built up from the more frequent use and wanted to reserve that for the worst times, which are in the spring. He said in the spring is when he sees it more in my throat from me being outside and in the garden. That made sense to me. I know that when we had the hatchery years ago I used medicines on when needed and all other measures failed. I do the same with the cows, goats, donkeys, llamas, and sheep, makes it far more effective if they have to have it. The only exceptions were turkeys and peacocks which have a time immunity wise until the get a bit older (sinuses). At about 2 1 month for turkeys and 6 months for peafowl we'd take them off. But I'm getting side tracked.

  The knot in my neck, well I lost him with all the muscle stuff, not even sure I could pronounce those words. :) I did though understand that the knots that I get are muscles that have been damaged by the radiation and sometimes forms what looks like tumors, but they're not. They come and go, massage helps along with some heat or Amish Ointment rubbed in. By then though I smell like a Pole Cat, so I hold that back until needed as a last resort. I'm not sure if it is the muscles or the dics that are causing bad headaches. Apparently the radiation also sped up arthritis, especially in the 2 that are damaged from years ago. Advil seems to help with those when they get bad, again, I don't want to build tolerance to them. He also wants a blood check to see about my thyroid. It was burnt up but has stayed at a safe level so far.

  So for now Yogurt, unsweetened, and horrible. Either my taste buds are giving up on the taste or I'm getting use to it. Its all good. I also have something called Niastatin (spelling?) Swish & Spit.

  We thank God for the good results and thank everyone who kept us in our prayers and good wishes. Mom undergoes the knife but she would rather me not say when, or even much about it. Please remember her in your prayers.      

Thursday, February 14, 2013


  It's been pretty wild lately. We wait until next week to find out the results of the CT Scan. Maybe it's the yeast infection that I can't shake. I found a site that tells how since the medicine seems to have little effect in clearing it up and though I've still drank Mt Dews I have tried one thing it says, Yogurt. Plain, unsweetened Yogurt. I'm not a Yogurt type person so when I spoon that into my mouth Megan has a laugh, says that is the sourest face she has ever seem. You have to hold it in your mouth for 5 minutes and I think that mostly serves as a taste bud killer, lol. Seems to have a positive effect though. I did find out the last thing you want to do when finished is take a sip of Mt Dew.

  Meanwhile they've found cancer in mom. She will have to have surgery and they think they've caught it pretty quick, so prognosis is good. I think she is afraid though and it's hard to get her to get rid of her fear, also hard to get her to fight, she misses dad. We got her a box of candy for Valentines Day, seem to perk her up a bit. That or sugared her up. I think the thing though that brought her spirits up the most was getting Valentine's Day Cards from Josh, Brandon, Alex, & Kaden. We go some too and I have them put up. Mountain become mole hills when spirits go up.

  We're two for four on calves this year, I hope I didn't jinx that. Four born and two buried. Bobbie called on a calf they had that was born, the cow is sick and the calf was turned downhill. I got it turned uphill and Mark said they fed it a bottle tonight. I got the 4 used tires I bought finally mounted at Josh's Tire today. I still need to fix the exhaust manifold and check the brakes, then I will use it to get some gravel for the driveway. I got plans this year on the garden, big hopes and dreams, but we plan and God laughs, so we shall see.      

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Oh, I have to put this up. Denise made her 1st FaceBook comment tonight after watching a Documentary called "Genetic Roulette - The Gamble of our Lives", she usually mostly just observes. This is what I've been trying to get her to look at, what I've researched since 2005. I'm proud of her though, she finally watched something and learned, if nothing else, that I ain't totally crazy, lol.

  I figure while it is free to watch for now I'll post it here. I might add too that getting one's health back after it goes so far is all but impossible. It is much easier to maintain or turn around before it gets too bad. For some of us it isn't possible to be back to what we were, so we have to be content to be what we have left, and fight to see those we care about do not have to settle like we have. Some will think this is political, it's not. Some will think this don't concern them, it does. Some will think it is hopeless, it's not. I care, else I would not have gone to the limits I have to learn, not so much for me, but the people I care about. These are not my cows, lol.


Monday, February 4, 2013

2-4-2013 CT Scan

  Well, step one. Get the CT Scan of the Throat. Dr Rathfoot ordered it just of the throat with contrast. We went to UT and got that done today, me and Denise. The admit was fast and it almost went flawless. The lady was nice and asked which arm, I didn't care, so she picked the right one. She stuck and got ready and while I was on the table she noticed a bump coming up and thought it was leaking. She said she had a gut feeling it was and was afraid to run the contrast, said it could cause some things and I'd have to be checked if we ran it, and asked if she could stick the left arm. I told her I'd rather go with her gut instinct and let her do the left. That one went by with no problems. Good thing too, I ran out of arms, lol. She was very nice though, and good at her job. I think we all have those days and those moments. An error isn't a mistake unless it is not addressed. I hate needles but that seems to go with the area I seem to find myself in. No worse than the B12 shots I get each week.

  Me and Denise went to Earth Fare so she could get her the drinks she drinks, Zevia. I'm not crazy about them but they're healthier than the Mt Dews I drink, which seem to be about as bad for you as the Dr Peppers I drank for so many years. We also hit their Gluten Free section while we were there, we're back trying that again. It's taken a few weeks but I feel better, we all do. I met two family members at my aunt Perk's funeral last week that one is a Celiac and the other Gluten Intolerant. Perk, I have no doubt is in Heaven now with most of the rest of the family. Some people have to tell you their faith, or place something on their car, or chat about it in your face. This lady, you never wondered, you observed, even without meaning to or looking for. She spoke it through kind and caring actions, the peace and serenity in her eyes. She lead by example, not because she wanted to lead but rather because she actually lived that way. Often and hard her faith was tested. One doesn't get strong without exercise and perhaps that was what made her faith so strong. Once again the earth gets a bit darker and Heaven a bit brighter with her passing.

   Mom has her surgery coming soon. She is scared. I cannot show fear, least fear feeds fear. I dare not show weakness, least weakness feeds weakness.   

This is the video of the whole uncut version of my favorite Super Bowl Commercial. It differs quite a lot from the one on TV. I don't know who made this video to go along with it but they done a good job. Personally I'd started with a Massey Ferguson, which ain't made any more, but I might be a little partial, lol. This is worth the 2 minutes and 39 seconds to listen to.