Sunday, January 16, 2011


Well today I pay for yesterday's activity of shopping, but it was worth every minute. :) I learned that little sign. I fed the cows today and watered the plants in the sunroom so that tomorrow I can be ready for Tuesday. 8 calves now, we've lost 3 from the bitter cold, but I'm glad to see 8 have made it. Funny how after all of this I fear a dentist, lol. I know I'll be in good hands. Dr Boyd has called Dr Rathfoot to check about the medicine he has me on and it is ok. He talked the last time with Dr Panella and Dr Green. I don't think I'll need Hyberbaric Oxygen this time, thank God for that.

  I got 6 weeks before a decision is made about what to do if my throat don't respond and so I'm having second thoughts on the teeth extraction thing all at once, especially so close to the same date. Then it keeps going over in my mind about what if it's not gone, it would be a waste of money and more pain. I know the bottom has to be done, I hate missing a front tooth and it is already getting painful, but nothing I can't handle.

  Not sure why, maybe the rain, maybe the stress, but the neuropathy has been bad the last few days and the other cancer is going wild. The hissing in my ears has taken some of my hearing away, I thought that would be gone by now, maybe it will leave later. I've found that Megan's closed caption has come in handy. I can't imagine how she does what she does, reading faces, captions, lips, expressions... all at once.

  Not sure if it is spasms but piercing pain hits my kidneys occasionally, they have since the chemo. I wonder sometimes if I should put down the aftermath and what seems like ungrateful concerns. Then again, maybe some reading this is in the same boat, and it may help them to feel normal. Whatever normal is these days. Tomorrow I have some errands to run in the final prep. When I was younger I'd not have thought twice about pulling a tooth. These days though it doesn't take a lot to halt things. I may not be affected much by the extraction, but I'm taking precautions buy getting what needs to be done done. The up side is that I need to loose some weight. I really need to find a diet other than the way I've been doing it, lol. 


Well, I had told some family and friends that it would be back on at 9:00 pm, est on the Bio Channel, I was wrong. The show we're on comes on again at 11:00 pm, est. I did find a link though to the whole show. Now It I can get it to work, lol.,AAAAAELG4_Y~…