Monday, April 26, 2010

A Few Pictures

Here is the closer, better picture of the billboard sign that I saw one day coming home that made me keep trying when I had given up. I promised a better picture so here it is.

  While Denise had her interview I took the liberty of taking a few pics outside. The second one shows a streak of light coming down. I will have to place it on my light pictures, lol. 


  Back to HBOT treatments today and all went well. I still can't see much benefit from them though, maybe it just takes a few. Dr Boyd's office called with an all clear for extractions on my 4 teeth that broke off. I still want to put it off for another 2 weeks to have some more HBOT treatments under my belt, plus I would like to know before I spend this money if my lymph nodes are clear... no point in having it done if they are not.

   I'm still wiped out today from the weekend. While I've done without pain meds yesterday and today, tonight I took about 15mg of Morphine. I actually seem to be awake now, lol. I done actually nothing today... nada. I have stayed kind of sick the last two days but a weird sick. Maybe tomorrow will be better.


  It was a windy day today. I spent what time I was awake with Josh & Brandon walking around the yard and fields. I enjoy them so much.

  I fell asleep in the chair, woke up and went to bed, lol. I guess our trip took it out of me a bit. I just awoke at 4am but I am about to go back to sleep again until time to get up and go for my treatment. I woke up with that slim like stuff in my mouth again which is usual, brushed it off. It has some, if not a lot, of blood in it. It may very well be mostly blood filmed over. Thank God I cannot smell it, lol.