Friday, October 19, 2012

10-19-2012 Follow-Ups

  We went to UT Cancer Center and my first appointment was with Dr Rathfoot. We got there early though to know where Dr Panella and his crew had gone too. They got the new cancer center open. No more Chemo Hut, now it's Chemo Cove and set up nicely. We ate some french fries at the cafeteria and I kept an open eye for Jackie (my cousin), but I haven't a clue what or where she works.

  So we head to the appointment with Rathfoot and he scopes me regularly then to see if he sees where the blood is coming from, he goes to or through, I think just to, the voice box. I got a lot of yeast in my throat and on my vocals. The absence of saliva glands (1 works partly sometimes) had also lead to drying the throat.  The fatigue is also a possibility from this stuff.

  A bit of a surprise  came from he noticed the arthritis has increased in my neck. He said radiation has sped it up a bit.  He ups the Ralaflen (spelling?) dose.So now it turns our to help the damage swelling and bones as well. He wasn't sure about the double vision I've had on and off lately.

  So then we head to Dr Panella. Panella said it was officially the 3 year mark since the cancer, and this was to be his last. He said they'd forgotten to check again on the nodules on my lungs from 5 months ago, but with the double vision attacks he has ordered a CT for my chest, neck, and head. He also ordered an eye doctor see me, one that is high up and does surgeries. He wants to rule out the possibility of it following what they term the tree it sometimes follows. After  I have the test we go to the eye dr then to Panella. I've learned to not ask about the neuropathy. They are moving pretty quickly on it. Hopefully it is just another side effect, the hearing loss, double vision, eyesight loss. All this starts next week.