Saturday, July 23, 2011


I finally hit the wall again, but I made it a bit more this time before I did. The NHL is getting pretty active, perhaps stress plays a part. Today was not a ladder day but I made it one to view more of the new roof, hence the stress. A bit of depression along with anger. I usually don't get mad. If had this have been just a few years ago I could have replaced the roof instead of trying to find someone. Once again I find they left out something they said was there. I had to crawl down the front of the house but I did it. Nuff said, BP's going up.

Misty is sore from another biopsy. So far they have all proved inconclusive for cancer, thank God. Something is still wrong though. She is down for a time and in pain. Apparently she takes after her dad on following instructions, right kiddo. :)

Charlie is sick as a dog from his last chemo, but that should change about any day now. He is taking a vacation from the radiation.

I sat and rested today and done errands. Me and Denise both just chilled. I think Megan was just happy there wasn't anymore beans to break. :) My bleeding seems to have stopped finally, but I'm tired, maybe heat, stress, and bleeding, all in combination, who knows.