Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2 Days After Raidiation.

My wife & I went to Ruth for another cocktail, but this one much lesser. Neither told me, lol. Denise instructed me to take a 5 mg Valium before... just in case, so I did.

  Ruth slowly administered and talked to us at the same time. Again, lol, I was wheeler down to and back k in a wheelchair. Only this time, instead of getting to go home, I had Mega Dose 3 afterward. This lasted about 7 hours. Man were we tired. I'm writing this in an attempt to bring on fatigue tomorrow, a suggestion I was told.

   Today left 28 radiation treatments and 1 Chemo. Thank you God. .


The Day Aftern Radiation Attenpt

  While I will not go into all that was said not only by me but a nurse there at UT, the smart-allect tech.

People, this worked. This is written I guess more for the doctors and staff tonight. I, like many people am not trained in medicine but we do know our own body. Along with this we know our own mental, physical,  and emotional limits... or short comings. If just 1 doctor had listen, or had read past reports they would have known what was about to happen. But nobody does until it's after the fact, and the whole thing blows up in their face. Yep, I heard the Tech say many times, "I wish we would have known up front", or "It would have been nice to know this up front". That's just two of many. for that woman's sake I pray she finds another job, even more, I pray the next person will bnefit from her not being there.

"Well we want to get better if you will cooperate and want to do this to get better" comes under the title Bull Shit! This lead to a "I'll tell Dr Green!" "Which I rebutted...good, thank you." I figured that would be the end of that. Then Dr Green called. Just a piece of advice, make sure when one gets old it is to someone no smart enough to find out if it is the truth. Anyway, we agreed to 12:45, Why this couldn't have happened that day, I don't know. Why this could have been diverted but wasn't, another good question.

   Anyway, away me and my wife (now misses 2 days of work) and she is very intend on having her say. She is a nurse and head over the others nurses in that office, so it's not like she don't know how an office should be ran. Everything had seemed to already have been handled by Panella's charge nurse Ruth.

  Ruth had made a shot up called a cocktail. Slowly it worked and i was welled down to Radiology. It's sketchy what all happened in there but I remember the snapping down, actually like being strayed in a molded fish net made of thick, hard, Nylon like plastic. Dr Green must have watched pretty carefully as he noticed the 2 snaps that were about to make e snap. He ordered them unsnapped and the tension lessened. The Classical music also calmed the savage beast, lol.

  I'm not sure how long I laid there but I remember asking if we were done yet. It ended there.

  I don't remember much about coming home. I do remember crawling into bed and freezing, bundled up, turned the personal heater on and it was today... with a bit of a hear-ache.