Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy 24th Anniversary

Happy 24th Anniversary to Denise.

  We've been married 24 years today after a long courtship of a whole 3 months. We married the 3rd month. I got a good one and I guess she decided I was too big to throw back. :) Between age and chemo I have lost some memory, God knows I'd walk in circles and forget a lot of things these days. The one thing though I haven't forgot is why I love you. Few people would have stayed the course through all of this. Life I know has bumps in the road but I guess you must feel sometimes like we're 4 wheeling, yet you never complained. Well, except for my not being a good patient, I'm not real good at following the rules, lol. I figure life has limits and we can't know what they are until we hit them.

  I still remember praying that God would help me find a mate. Funny the turn of events that would unfold. If Edna hadn't had surgery I would have working her route and I wouldn't have learned her route if I hadn't had about 3 months over going different places everyday. If I hadn't have had that COD for the cop (Turkey) you were training with I wouldn't have given him a note to give you. I remember seeing you pass by the first time and again and again. I knew that if you weren't taken I would have to meet you. I think I loved you then. Until then I didn't believe in love at first sight, lust maybe, but not love, but I didn't see you even out of the car, so it wasn't lust. I still remember our first date, right down to jumping the end of the road and ending up in someone's yard. Man that was embarrassing. I wanted so hard to impress you because I was so impressed with you. You had honesty and intelligence... the beauty didn't hurt either, lol.

  Over the years you have seen me at my best and at my worst, physically, mentally, and spiritually... yet you stayed. To this day it amazes me that someone like you could want to be with someone like me. I know you thought I had forgotten to put this up, and it is late, but I waited. You see, all of the memories I have lost and sometimes I get a bit cloudy mentally (I'm shooting for chemo brain here), but I have never forgotten when I first saw you. I have forgotten much, but never why I love you, our first date, the day we got married. A lot of things have changed, my hair, beard, waistline, and strength, but the one thing that hasn't is my love for you. My admiration of you. You amaze me. I thank God for you every night and each night I pray that should I not awake, He will provide for you. I love you.