Saturday, November 10, 2012

11-10-2012 Barb

  I got a text yesterday that Barbra died, for her the fight is over. I cannot imagine, nor would I want to even try, what Don is going through. Barbra made Don's lunch everyday and put a little love note in it, I can't remember seeing two people in love like they are. I say are for a few things never die. Truth, Love, and the Spirit. So once again this year Heaven gets a little brighter and the world a bit dimmer. I haven't contacted Don, Denise's dad has been very sick and Josh's birthday. Honestly though, I would not know what to say. Nothing really comforts a person during that time and no words really comfort, it just takes time. Don is without a doubt the best husband I think I've ever met. Don and Barb inspired me and everyone they encounter along their life. 

  I think back to the last time me and Don talked and he asked how much I knew about the Bible. I told him a little, but not much. The more I learn the more I know I don't know and need to learn. What I didn't say is that I know about death and about God, not by reading but by first hand knowledge, yet how does one describe what no words can. You can't. Words terribly fail and truly one is left with a knowledge one cannot accurately explain or share, and that makes it hard knowing. It is not that you ask for it. That changes my views on death and what comes next. So for Don I pray and mourn, yet for Barbra I rejoice, for she is experiencing something greater that words can tell, more alive than we are in this world. She fought valiantly, and though she lost the battle, she won the war. That however will do little to numb his pain.