Thursday, January 20, 2011


Went to Knoxville today with Misty. Man that was fun. That is the first time just me and her have went anywhere in years. I forgot just how much fun we have together. We talked all the way to Sams and all the way back. God I needed that. Brandon (BB) came back today and we chatted. He is so funny and so smart. I got the shelving rack system, put it together and sorted the can foods. Found some that had went out of date so tomorrow they get tossed. I think actually though I'll empty them out in the garden first, then bag the cans and let Mark have them.

   I got the DVDs in, as promised of the show. They weren't complete but the thought was extremely nice. So thank you to Mary in New Zealand. Too cool.

Setting here tonight, I had to try just one piece of candy, big mistake. I have to eat on the left side and another tooth just snapped off. Little to no pain involved but right in the front again. Makes me want to just scream. One thing's for sure, I can now breathe quicker, even with my lips back and remaining teeth toughing, lol. It just snapped. How does that happen in life? I did notice since the back one was pulled my sinuses cleared up a bit and actually it had gotten so bad that I think it hurts less. Pretty much no pain all day. Worse part is, I'm getting use to it now. The back saliva glands are trying to work too for a change, now they start, lol.