Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Day +1

  I had radiation again today. The only day I didn't was yesterday, Thanksgiving Day. They are beginning to cause more soreness. My left arm has also been getting worse since Wednesday. I'm beginning to wonder if the radiation my be affecting the pins in there. My teeth hurt and my gums are tender.

  I ate mostly what I wanted yesterday, dressing was a definite no-no and I knew that but I love mom's dressing. I even ate some today. Maybe that might be part of the reason for the soreness, that and the fact I am just getting over the chemo.

  I should have listened to Denise and called Panella for more pain meds but I had got to where I didn't hardly need any. This chemo aftermath changed that. I'll run out by late Saturday but I'm hoping Tylenol Arthritis will work, maybe even give my system a rest from the endocet.

  Weeks like this last one make me want to give up and just give in, but then I think of how they all start like this and get better. The drawback this time is that it doesn't seem to be getting better with the radiation. That effects moral, or at least it does mine. From what they say it will only get rougher. I got this week and next week, then chemo again.

  We use a pill cocktail for my treatments now and don't have to do the vein thing. The biggest problem now is that I stay drugged and sleep most of the day. The next logical step would be to try it with nothing. Then again, if the pain continues at thus rate, I'd rather sleep.