Friday, March 26, 2010


I made it exactly 57 minutes until I woke up in extreme pain from my mouth and throat drying out. I just gargled with Miracle Mouth Wash, took some Morphine which I have to wait until this pain eases then go back to sleep. My taste bugs and tongue are inflamed so even the (Liquid) Morphine burns. I took about 17mgs which I average when I do take it between 10-17, seldom do I do 20mg. The liquid mixed with water is easier to swallow than a pill an can be cut easier to a lower dosage. A pill I would have to get my mouth and throat wet with water, then a Yoo-hoo, the use something that has a coated texture, I use Yoo-hoos to swallow. I do that every morning. I keep Yoo-hoos just for that purpose. That is how I take my pills unless it is with milk, it lessens the chance of getting choked. I should have said that sooner, it may help someone else with this junk.

More later........ That little prep afforded me to sleep until 6am and I have awaken with the left side hurting mildly and I can still hear and feel the little flap thing fluttering when I breathe. I'm still tired so I may sneak in a few more minutes.

More Later.....