Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday 21st - Evening

  Well the clock ticked by and finally Panella came in. I tell you this is a busy man. Ever so often a nurse would knock and then as she saw the look on Charlie and my faces go from a big grin to a disappointing look, they began to get tickled. It pretty much became a joke to all of us. They knew we were excited thinking it was either Panella or Green and when we saw it wasn't, we'd drop the excitement. There was a good crew of nurses there again today. Ghost (think that's the name) movie with Patrick Swazyee and Demi Moore kept us a little more occupied. I was able to get another antibiotic we hadn't expect to get in and more fluids. Plus we ended up having some fun with oh no, just you again or surprise, it's just me. They really got a good crew there on the 12th floor. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and hopefully not to see you again... unless we're shopping, lol. Seriously, thank you and Merry Christmas.

  The lady who took me to Dr Green's did so in an unfamiliar approach. She wasn't sure which place I as going to and asked that I look at the rooms we passed by for familiarity. Suddenly we were in the midst of a hallway of the ladies I see at Radiology. I told her I know the ladies... this is home here. She left me and they put me in room C. In came Dr Green, looked me over and commented on the progress made, and the progress still lacked. Told me Merry Christmas and to be back Monday. Back to my room I went. They came in, gave me my medicines I requested when I got back, and pulled the INP from my arm.   

I'm HOME!!! I love it. Charlie stayed with me and took the things to the truck and we came home. I was thinking morning and in reality we didn't pull into the driveway until 4:25pm, but I'm home none-the-less and I'm typing this on my home computer. We swung by the Honey Baked Place so he could get his order, then home we headed. Charlie dropped me off at the house and carried my stuff in and then took my prescriptions over to Minnis Drug to be filled, Denise will pick them up. 

Monday 21st

   I got up a little after 4am., I think Charlie was already up, lol, if not... he is now. My throat is all together, but that is normal. My blood pressure was perfect, temperature perfect, o/s perfect. The RN just left a bit ago and said my Neutafil (spelling) is 1.1 and the white blood cells is (Drum Roll Please) ........3.1. YEA!!!!  That pretty much ensures that I get to go home.

   A good sleep last night. Not a lot of sleep but what I got was quality sleep.I just can't wait too sleep in my own bed and eat my own munchies foods.That might be considered when working on people. We've had a changing of the shifts and the nurses seem nice. I had a lady from quality control visit. She was very nice but I couldn't help but wonder if she thought someone still having to stay here would actually complain knowing they aren't going anywhere.

      Well, this is the third time I'm attempting this addition to todays' possible last post from the UT area.