Thursday, November 15, 2012

11-15-2012 Results

The doctor called to give the official results from the blood work. Negative. Thank God for that. I learned a new disease though and pray for those who have it. I have a follow up appointment with him I think next month. Not sure why that muscle would curl or pull loose from whatever that is, part I got lost on, but at least it ain't that. Maybe it's just age or another side effect of chemo, who knows. Maybe heart, I've used Nitro a few times lately, last time last night. Heart attack is definitely on my list of never want to do again.

  I've not stayed true to the gluten-free diet but close. Denise falls every now and then but Megan is strict on it. One thing is for sure, never say never. I find myself enjoying baking bread and cookies, and I love trying new mixes out with different flours. Use to, rain I'd work in it outside, then as I got older inside on old cars or the house. Now I bake, lol.

 Denise has the TV on and some lady is putting something on her teeth that whitens them. Bad, read up on that junk. This woman though shows her teeth and looks like a mule eatin briars. :) Jaws ain't got a set like that, kinda scary.