Friday, September 7, 2012

So Long Jack 9-7-2012


Well I sold Jack today, I'll miss him. I took 10 bucks less than I paid when I first got him but I think this guy will give him a good home. All Jack will need to get alone with is a horse, the man, and his wife. I think it shocked Megan and Denise that I sold him and while I loved him killing goats and sheep was getting too much. He provided a stress relief until he started that and then caused stress. I don't think it was his fault, testosterone levels seems to escalate in him from time to time and he was like a Bull Shark with everything except us and the other donkeys. Bailey though was the last straw. I'm still not sure if she will live through this one, but she's a fighter. It looks as though Jack broke bones in her face from the swelling, but she's still eating, just hard time breathing. She is a pain in the butt, times I'd like to kill her myself, lol, but she is sweet.

  Me and Jack made up and I loved on him until the man come, but Jack knew when he got in that trailer it was the last time we'd see each other. He was pissed. I put him a treat we all called a Jack Treat in there with him, hugged him and said bye. The guy wanted to buy the other 3 but I told him no. He seemed though like a good guy, a cop in Greenville and an officer that worked with the Humane Society on animal cruelty, I think Jack will be ok. Jack hooves needed trimming and come first frost his semiannual worming.

  Megan doesn't understand how I could get rid of him. I love Jack and he loves(d) me, loved it here and I loved him being here. But Jack didn't love the others that live in the field and it wasn't fair to them to live in fear. It wasn't fair to Jack to end up at a bad home, why I took so cheap for him to the right guy. She wanted to know if I'd miss him and think about him the next days. I think Jack is in the past now, and I was blessed to meet him. Remembering the past is good, sometimes it calms the waters when things get rough. Sometimes it brings a smile. Planning ahead is good, like looking at the past, but today is the day we live for. We don't dwell on either one, past or future, for today is what matters. We don't dwell looking back, we're not headed that way. We have no idea if tomorrow will come or what it brings. Today though is what we have to build a good past memory on and a good footing to tomorrow.

  Other than that, I still can't shake this thing. It doesn't seem to be any worse, maybe a little better congestion wise. Breathing and fatigue wise, worse. I'm guessing it's a wash. I think maybe next week seeing Doc Schindler if it isn't better. Me and Denise went and got a Pantry Cabinet for the Kitchen tonight at Lowe's, she is out of cabinet space. It's inside but not installed yet. I've still been researching little by little on getting the Gluten out of our diet. It's gotta taste good though or we will never stick to it. I had no idea there were that many flours out there, and I still keep misspelling it with flowers, lol. I've felt a little rough for a week or two so I've slowed down in physical things which has provided more time researching recipes. I think getting rid of Gluten and in my case Mt Dews too will help me health wise. It's a little on the late side for me health wise but for Denise and Megan it's not. The whole trick is to stay ahead, playing catch-up doesn't work too well. My motivation is that I pray they will never have to go through what I have. They were here for me and I will be there for them by trying to help all I can, that means making it taste good, selection, and the hardest part, being neat with it. :)

  I don't like wasting so we will start after I use the flour I have, maybe 4 or 5 more loaves of bread. Mom wants some tomorrow and we need a loaf. If Misty and the kids come over they will need a loaf, they ate the last one in a day, lol. Then I have about 5 loaves of premixed bread yet too. I like baking it and finally got good at it, now I'll have to start all over again learning.

  Rex got hung in the fence this morning and Megan and Ed got him out. He hasn't gotten out since. Me and Megan went Yardsaling today, didn't find much. Yesterday though me and Denise bought some old blue Ball Canning Jars, and some even rarer for a decent price. Denise wants to go to Knoxville tomorrow maybe, or Sevierville either one, to get the all natural soft drinks she likes. We got a few things to buy at Earthfare in Knoxville, though they're a little high. Need a few tools for the grinding, but we don't have enough spare money for that yet, we'll save up some. Mom has to take her ceiling light back to Lowe's and get another one, that one was a dud. I'll have to wire it in and set it up. Then finish attaching this thing to the wall. I'm seriously debating growing Buckwheat where the garlic is once we pull the garlic up an plant it there.

  But to my buddy Jack, I love you.