Wednesday, March 30, 2011


   I went again yesterday to Dr Stelzman to get fitted. The first fitment of the frame was Monday. The frame sat down good but I really couldn't tell what it was and a mold was made from what looked like wax or something then something else that felt like playdo was squirted in. Yesterday it had and looked like the real thing. They put it in and he lined it up, it felt and looked great. Dr Stelzman wasn't liking the way two of the teeth looked after the adjustment and sent it off with the proper adjustments to be made. I'm suppose to get it tomorrow.

 From the looks of it I can't wait. I may just go ahead after the test next month and get the uppers done. Part of me just wants a time with no pain though, or at least no more than usual, which is tolerable most of the time, more of a nuisance. I am so excited though. I wasn't sure just how well I would like wearing them but I don't think I have ever been so tickled in all of my life to get something. This is definitely one of the top 10 best moments of my life. I spent the last two years with 6 or less teeth on the bottom, thank God they were in front. I think I had maybe 5 left? The last two days I have 2 on the bottom, the I teeth, one on each side. Denise has been making soft meals and I squish the food on the roof of my mouth with my tongue to eat, but with my weigh these days it's not like I'll starve to death anytime soon. :) Man it looked great.

  Again, I have a great doctor with a great staff. Dr Stelzman took the time to tell me all about how it would work, future expectations and adjustments. He wasn't on our insurance plan but then again, I knew them from delivering to them for years, plus I've been going there for a long time. I think they are worth the extra price that I will pay. I've gotten to where I despise the way insurance companies work these days. I've talked with many people and you get what you pay for, even though they are cheaper there than a lot of places. They are all perfectionists and take a lot of pride in their work.

  As for Charlie, he still has no date set yet. Covenant Health might want to take notes on their care from UT and St Mary's. Watching how they are dragging their feet with him, I thank God everyday for my doctors and the hospitals I go to.

  In case I didn't say it, no matter how it turns out. Thanks to Doctors: Rathfoot, Panella, Green, & Schindler, their staffs, and UT, St Mary's. A huge thanks to Kim, I know you are technically not my doctor, but should you ever decide to open a practice, I be the first one there.