Thursday, December 31, 2009


I woke up at 5:30am this morning feeling decent but tired. Urinating is still hard to do and I feel a bit dehydrated. We soon headed off to UT, treatment #4 this go around or # 21 total. I only have 14 more left. My saliva has once again thickened and my throat is sore inside and burnt outside. I would have thought I had 2 weeks before this started again. I make sure that my neck is washed clean of any lotions and as soon as we are done, radiation lotion is quickly reapplied. We also redress it later in the day or evening too. I restarted using the Miracle Mouth Wash yesterday. 

 I feel asleep coming home and woke up only once to ask Denise if she wanted to eat at Shoneys. She laughed and said to look out... it was a little late for that. we were going down the driveway, lol. I told her i was going to sleep off the cocktail and boy did I ever. I woke up about 1pm and called Bill to see if he wanted to go look at the trailer, which we did. Piece of junk so we came back home and I feel asleep again. When I got home I may have woke up maybe twice from phone calls only to go back out.

  My hands and pretty much my whole body feels numb. No temperature. Extreme thirst. Swallowing is getting harder to do again. Hopefully I can meet the buffer and surely a feeding tube will not be installed this late in the game. Denise said that the numbness is a side effect of one of the chemo drugs, I think Taxotere.

  Today Megan's benefit explanations came in. I was approved for disability yesterday and Megan also gets to draw because she is under 18. We've decided to open a savings account and place it there for Megan's college. Funny, I never thought I would ever apply let alone draw disability.

  As this year draws to a close I will retire my license for real estate. Something I should have already done but since I'd paid for the year and I kept the hope up of coming out of this a bit better than I am. I guess the main thing is I am coming out of this, or at least I pray I am.

My abscess tooth is going down and I pretty much have a jaw line again. Thursday they will do the root canal.Also Thursday I go and see Dr Rathfoot. I'm trying to stay awake long enough to eat and write this, then back off to bed again.   

  Happy New Year.