Thursday, January 7, 2010


Happy Birthday Annie, today she is 19.

  Denise & I headed to UT this morning, we left a little later than me and Charlie but were still 15 minutes too early. Today they started the first of a series of x-rays as it is once again time to reset their aim. They said that the last 10 treatments would be directed even more concisely than before. Certain tissue, bone, and whatever else can't take but so much. With the snow, Charlie has decided that it's too bad to try and keep the appointment tomorrow, but we may try later though.  

  From there we went to see Dr Rathfoot. He ran the scope up my nose and into my throat. looking around he said that (called them by name) while he showed us a picture, were swollen three times their normal size. This is 2 muscles that to me look like lips that are at you voice box. This could also be very well the reason that I'm back with thick saliva and having a hard time swallowing. There is another lady that I talk with at radiation that has the same experience. Good news though.... no tumor. This is a doctor that I highly recommend. A good man, a good doctor. He takes time to answer your questions and he cares. Then again, all of my doctors have been that way. 

  I asked him if that meant I was clean completely and he said no. After a period of time passes they will CAT Scan me again and look for lymph node activity. Soooo we ain't there yet.

 Denise went to work while Charlie later on took me to the dentist. I think that was Ruth that called from Dr Panella's office wanting to know if I had fallen off the world, lol. I kept telling Denise we needed to set the appointment, she kept wanting to wait. Ruth set up an appointment for the 22nd.

   I got to the dentist and she began to work on me. The tooth is a loss, which I kinda expected. She was unable to even do a root canal due to calcification. I wasn't surprised as I've had a lot of teeth problems in the past. To extract it will take 4-6 weeks after all radiation and chemo has been finished. She prescribed prescribed an antibiotic which I haven't yet filled. So I will see her when the time comes that it is safe to have work done. Amanda Campbell is a very impressive and honest dentist.

   Denise is still quirky in her stomach from where she caught the stomach flu, for that matter, so are me and Annie.