Wednesday, August 11, 2010


  We just got back from Panella who went over the scan. He was called out of the room before he could go over it with us. The report said that the disease has progressed. It shows something like 4.7mm, much larger than the 2.5mm I started with. Panella said I had a lot of damage inside from the radiation and that it might be what it is. He also went over removing the larynx, which I declined. He wants Rathfoot to take a better look inside once again, which I will let him do.

  Denise and I had a chat om the way back, she cried. Sometimes the answer is no. I asked her as I do the ones that know me to not let this shake their faith in God, He knows best. We pray and He hears us, so please pray. But if the answer He gives is no, while we don't always understand why, He does know best. I also asked her to not ask me to fight anymore if cancer is still here, I really don't think I can.