Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I took mom again today to UT, Charlie said he couldn't take her, which was ok with me. Mom seems to be getting more comfortable with my driving there and back. As I told her before, if I have a dizzy spell or double vision and it gets bad enough, I'll pull over and stop before I become a danger to her or others. Mom has been having headaches and dizzy spells along with double vision episodes, so I think she now sees what I see, and that if they are bad enough, standing isn't always an option... let alone driving. They suck but it is what it is. The past ways of doing things are gone and so we adapt to the new ways of doing things.

  We had rain, heavy rain going down, saw a few accidents. I saw people flying by and more than likely what caused the accidents since they were on straight sections of the Interstate. They left out and didn't think it would ever happen to them, as do we all in all things. We never stop to think it has to happen to somebody. We had fun though, talking today. Didn't take us long to figure out we'd both forgotten our cell phones, and that was ok too, no interruptions. Mom said she liked me being down there with her. I think the reason why is it can't all be gloom and doom, or suffering in silence. I have a big mouth, yet these days a weak and fading voice. Be that as it may, all I have to do is open the lines. Be an instigator. I've never met a stranger, just a friend I don't yet know.

  Most there are with someone, as it should be, but ever now and again you find someone there alone. Don't get me wrong, I'm not the best Christan by far, but it is in my belief that we should never be alone, especially fighting a battle for our life. I believe we all have a story to tell and somewhere most if not all wish to tell it. I also believe that everybody needs somebody sometime. Today we met a young man, looked to be in his 20s, sitting alone. All I had to do was open the lines of communication and he and mom made a connection. We met 3 ladies, one of which was back again battling after a remission had given way to the disease coming back, they looked Denise's age. Mom didn't connect with her like she did the young man, but she made a connection. It looked as though a lot made that connection in the waiting area with one another, as the silence was ended. Smiles began to be seen and slowly it looked as though some of mom's weight as well as some others, had slowly been lifted.

  Mom got a short to once again try and get her Nutrifils built back and give her Platelets time to get better. I took her to the two places she wanted to go, which she said would have never happened if I had not been driving her. On the way back mom looked over and apologized for taking up a lot of my day. I told her it did kill my plans to get a tan in the 30 degree weather with rain, lol. I then said I apologized for taking away many of her days when she raised me, especially since it wasn't her job to do it. But she took the job, and thus went from being my grandmother to my mom. I wasn't exactly the model kid either. That being said, I told her I didn't take her because it was my duty but rather because it was my honor to try and put back a little of what she had given me.

  So, if I forget to write Happy Thanksgiving then I say it now. My throat is a mess and I'm teetering on getting sick just a tad. Those of us who eat or celebrate with family and friends, we have much to be thankful for, for in the end this is what matters. Family and friends. Forget the Black Friday sales and spend a day saying thank you to God for all those He has bestowed upon you.