Friday, March 12, 2010

03-12-2010 Night

I may have overdone it a bit, but I had to do some stuff for mom at the office which turned into an all day job, but I got it all done, 2 contracts and a lot of stuff. I am so tired. Dr Rathfoot called me in some antibiotics and predisome. Megan and Josh noticed that me neck was swelled up on the outside, God know I feel it on the inside. I took pain meds for the pain which has overrun the 25mg patch all day.

Me, Denise, Megan, Misty, and Matt ate at Shoneys on the way down to see dad, I was able to eat pretty much what I wanted with quite a lot of pain, that one too a Endocet. Tonight when I got home I attempted to take my pills but my throat has closed off enough to get them stuck. I got one up twice, the third time it went down. The next pills stuck and Megan helped me get it up. I tried it again and Denise helped get that one up. She came into the room from the first one when she heard me choking. I left a mess in the floor swallowing a large amount of water which also came up with the pill. We ended up crushing the antibiotic and I am skipping the blood thinner.

My voice is all but gone and extremely painful to speak, but those that know me know my big mouth, lol. Denise is worried tonight that my throat may close up. I have to admit, I am too, so I will make my peace with God again before I sleep just in case. This is all too familiar and what will be will be.

Breathing is labored. I went into the Sunroom where I have the oxygen, it did seem to help with the chest pain but I have the Nitro close.

The extra 600mg of the medicine for the neuropathy does away with most of the pain but the first 30-40 minutes I have to keep down until I get my balance, sometimes longer. It does nothing for the numbness though so I have to watch the terrain and like I done 17 years ago I step hard for the vibration in my legs to know I have a good footing. It looks funny and it wasn't until tonight that I noticed guards and police looking at me like I was drunk... so embarrassing. It beats pain though. Denise helps me walk long distances.

There seems to be puss like junk that I get choked on that comes up with some effort. I have ran a low grade temperature all day from 99-100. Where does this chemo fog come from, lol. It seems worse but surely all this will pass. I guess right now I'm too deep in the forest to see the beauty of the trees.



The pain is still there but tolerable. My balance is gone but I have to get some things done so I will have to try, have some stuff to do that cannot wait. If I can make it to the car I'm ok I think to set up and drive a short distance. My voice is pretty much gone.

Dad had a bad night last night and may have had a set back. Those wanting to know about dad, I will be back shortly so email me and I will email you when I get back on his condition. I am sorry but if you call me or I you you could not hear me too well if at all so email me, my voice is gone. Maybe later it will come back.

I will update later and update on dad as well on the page I done earlier.

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