Monday, April 11, 2011


Funny, I thought I had posted since the 11th, but it looks like maybe not. I'm still trying to get use to this new computer... well, it's new to me anyway. Matt done an excellent job. It's fast and has Windows 7 on it now, and I haven't a clue how to operate it yet. (grin). I even changed over to Charter as a test, so far, not bad but not exactly blazin' either.

  The NHL is pretty rough right now, patches everywhere. My feet look like they've been boiled. Lucky for me though the neuropathy has that under control as far as feeling it, lol. Being outside in the garden seemed to have stopped it from my eyelids. I took a Dyfluken (spelling) that Rathfoot prescribed which caused all kinds of weird stuff to come up which may my throat not feel as closed off. I think Denise wants to have a chat with him on why this isn't done more often.

  The pills Schindler gave me seemed to head off the effects of being around the grandkids, Kaden had Scarlet Fever. Not sure about Baby. I think that fever is a childhood disease.

  Charlie came back again today, we sound alike. I've tried to be tough with him like he was with me. There is a fine line between tough and tender. He is scared and rightly so. Finally they are starting to work on him after a call to be more proactive in the treatment. He has already lost 12 pounds. I thank God that he will not have to do chemo and especially Radiation, he wouldn't make it I fear.

  I worked in the garden these last 3 days since the signs were in the breast. Today I mostly fumbled around, but I tried. I have these great plans and then when I start I soon find out they are just great dreams of the past abilities as reality sets in. All I got done today was picking up rocks and a little tilling. When Denise came home she helped me make a row of Okra. I had figured at least 2 rows of beans would be set out today. I failed that pretty good. I got some pretty deep cuts from rocks and glass that is in there, the best part is, there is a little pain involved when I touch the cuts.

  Matt's first day open was today, we put the sign up Saturday night. He named it M&M Computer Services, named for Matt & Misty. He already has 2 jobs to do... on the first day! That is great I think. I took the downstairs computer to him. I'm going to have him make it similar to this one. All we really lack is green beans, corn, Tn Mellon, and Cantaloupe. I'm definitely dropping the 2 acres thing on corn. 

  If I sleep with my teeth in, it will be day 3, or rather night 3. It seems to stimulate at least 1 saliva gland somewhat. It ain't perfect but it beats waking up either so dry you are in pain or the classic, tongue stuck to the roof of the mouth.

  My hair is almost long enough to cover my neck. I'm not sure that I like it but I like what it can do for me. I never can remember to keep adding the sunblock. Storms rolling in tonight. Just a guess, I'll sleep right through them.