Sunday, September 4, 2016


   It has been a while since I last posted, my computer went out shortly after the June post. I worked and worked on it and finally bought one on Ebay, used but in good shape. So now I am learning Windows 10, which is good, I just have to make adjustments in a few things. After I bought this one I was able to fix my old one, lol. It did though take me a few months to complete. When I went to school for electronics repair people didn't have computers and some people even still had tube sets. I have a lot of pictures on the drive of the old one, and I guess pictures are my most prized possession.

  I go this Tuesday for my follow-up to Rathfoot, it has been a few months. I will have to get use to that scope up my nose and down my throat again, but it ain't as bad as it sounds, plus it gives me confidence.

  As things go we got the gardens out but in the heat, and it has been the hottest and driest year I remember, I failed. I tried twice but I think I found out the hard way the heart attack left some things damaged, and I needed to heal. In the mean time we found that I have acquired Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have chose to try and manage it myself with herbs and vitamins. Boswellia has been good. Not quite the miracle they proclaim but it does help a lot. Astaxanthin is another one I take that was discovered that also, while not a cure, helps a lot. I take nothing at all for it so far aside these natural things. 

  Then, that same test revealed the Prednisone (they think) is responsible for throwing me into Diabetes. I am sure this extra weight don't help. I've went from 244 to 238 and I signed up to continue Cardiac Rehab as I can feel the improvements. I'm controlling it so far with diet and exercise. 

  Yesterday, despite a busted right knee, I put on my braces and off me and Denise went. We started out thinking a picnic in the mountains on the motorcycle, but man was Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge busy. We ended up heading to Cherokee, NC to eat and saw 2 Elk going and 6 Elk coming back. We were sore from riding but man was it ever nice. We went on a short ride last year and haven't been back since. God willing, I hope we go back soon,  this little restaurant on the strip have Brown Trout on the menu. Speaking of that, never did get to take the boat on the water this year, and the lakes now have been let down too low. God willing next year the gardens and the boat, and if not, so be it. 

Thought for today is if He can hold this world He can hold this moment. Have faith.