Friday, September 28, 2012

We Finally got it

  We finally got it today, a decent bread. My throat has been reacting to something outside and I still haven't got this stuff shook off, so me and Megan played. We ended with with a good Chocolate Chip Cookie thats Gluten-Free, one that doesn't bite back and you can throw like a Frisbee, use as a Skeet, or load as Buckshot. Better yet, we ended up with a good White Sandwich Bread, aka Lightbread. The loaf is actually light too, that ends the boat anchor days, lol.

  I don't have Celiac Disease, probably spelled that wrong :), but since we've tried this Denise and I have both lost weight. Oddly enough I feel better in a way, despite the throat thing and yeast in my throat and best of all the Acid Reflux has stopped. We don't stay hungry and yet we eat as much as we want and fill up fast. I even like some Pastas, especially if they involve meat and cheese. Ok, I tolerate them. I seem to have a bit more energy considering. I'm a bread person, love bread, and I don't care how healthy or unhealthy something is, if it tastes bad I won't eat it. We've spent a fortune on Flours and I guess it all depends on your tastes as to which one, but we only needed two all this time for bread and two for the cookies. I hate whole wheat and oddly enough it is the one that is easiest to imitate. The chickens have loved this trial and error thing, and I stress the word error. I grew up poor so I don't need a fancy bread. We have tried it yet making Biscuits yet, thats next. So here is what we have.

    Almost Perfect White Sandwich Bread Finally I think I found what we like. We're White Bread eaters here, none of us like Whole Grain Bread. I took parts from 2 Recipes, one for the "Master Mix" as they call it and one from a person who uses the other person's "Master Mix", then added my own twist. I did forget to add the Butter though. With Gluten-Free anything, you tweak until you find what your looking for.

For the Master Mix it goes like this:
3 Cups Brown Rice Flour
3 Cups Corn Starch
2 Cups Sorghum Flour
1 Cup Masa Harina (Found in the Hispanic Section)

Almost Perfect White Sandwich Bread

3 Bowl Mixture taken from 2 Recipes I found on the web with a twist. First is to mix the yeast/Sugar/Water in Wet Bowl 1.

Dry Bowl :
2- 1/2 Cups of Flour Mixture.
4 TBSP of Cane Sugar.
1 TBSP of Salt. (Kosher or Sea Salt
2 TBSP Powdered Buttermilk
2 TBSP of Powdered Milk
2 TSP of Xanthan Gum

Mix these together well and blend.

Wet Bowls: There are 2 wet bowls.

Wet Bowl 1:

1 PKT of Bread Yeast
1 TBSP of Sugar (Cane)
1-1/2 Cups of water at least 110 degrees F.

Mix and this will activate the yeast as it feeds on the sugar and it will look sorta foamy. I think the Yeast can be substituted, but I'm not sure. 

Wet Bowl 2:

3 Eggs
1-1/2 TBSP of Oil (I used Virgin Olive Oil)
TSP of Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix these together to the point of a foamy like stuff. Add these contents to the dry bowl mix and then add the contents of Wet Bowl 1, the yeast/sugar/water mix.

Blend together and increase speed to fast for about 4-5 minutes at the least. Have a bread pan already prepped, I used a spray. Use the Spatula or whatever your comfortable with to put it into the Bread Pan. Wet your Spatula to even out the dough, it's sticky and cover loosely with Cellophane and set in a warm place. I use the Plate Warmer part of the stove and a Bread Wire. Begin to preheat the Oven to 375 degrees F.

Leave the dough covered (but where gas can get out) until it rises to the top or at least doubles in size. It took a hour give or take for it to rise to satisfaction. Now is a good time to bake cookies or do whatever and check back every so often. Ours seemed to set there and when it started it started.

We baked it for 50 minutes, give or take. If the top gets too dark loosely cover the top with Aluminum Foil. Make sure though that with a thermometer, the inside temperature is at least 205.

A good lesson I learned today too. I had heard not to take it out of the bread pan for a while, I did and it fell and shrunk. You can't tell it though in taste and air pockets inside, plus fluffiness from Lightbread made from wheat.