Monday, January 7, 2013


  Christmas and New Year has come and gone along with mom and Annie's birthdays, Brandon is next. We all went off the Gluten-Free diet and we're all paying for it. It sure has been fun though.

  I've lost count of what week this is on the yeast, seems a bit stubborn this time. I've had the stomach flu and these sinuses, man they are rough. I've developed a pretty large size knot on the side of my neck. Denise says it's ok and just a lymph node filtering since its sore. She says soreness of a knot is a good sign. I have an appointment with Dr Rathfoot sometimes this month so I'll just wait.

  I left off the dose of Prednisone tonight which Denise says causes the yeast. I figure if the swelling don't get too bad I can stop taking it, and if not, I'll go back. The swelling is already pretty bad from this sinus cold, makes it hard to breathe and swallow so I'll know if this will work pretty fast.

  I've been planning this years garden in my head, still not too sure what or how much without my peacocks guarding me from snakes. I'm terrified of snakes. The gardens have a creek between them, high grass around, and woods on the back. Bet I have a pistol and knife near me, lol. I'm tired though and so much that needed to be done yesterday. I have these thoughts of what I want to do, and mostly have the material to do them but the body just don't cooperate. I watched some of a flick last night on Dr Burzenski in Texas, wish I'd heard of him back then.

  It is what it is I guess.