Friday, October 14, 2011


  I got a call from Panella's nurse today on the blood work. It was all good except the Potassium was low. I use to take supplements when I worked at UPS during the summers. I didn't know that Potassium is ever prescribed as medicine, except in IV bags, seen those when I had my heart attack. He added 20meq pills for a month. Denise said it would also help to give me energy.

  I'm not sure if it will help the neuropathy which seems to be in overdrive the last 2 weeks. Kind of comes in handy since so far I seem to have slightly broken my pinky and I think something in my right foot when I tripped and fell about a week ago. Certainly helps with the pain which still comes through but tolerable for the most part.

  Tonight me and Denise have watched a little TV, which I normally don't do. We saw Harry Bikers eat rat, and now the 80 ways dudes eat Ostrich eggs. Denise says she wouldn't eat either... I'd try both, lol. I ate Opossum once, but I wouldn't have if I'd known what it was. Maybe it was cooked wrong or maybe the thought of road kill being cooked, but it had a horrible after taste, greasy/slimy too.