Friday, April 13, 2012


  I spent most of the day at some friend's house, hopefully I didn't overstay my welcome. I worked with Don at Pet Dairy for a little while and we both, years later, ended up at UPS where Don eventually became one of my bosses. In an email he says his wife Barbra has been diagnosed with cancer and they would like for me to visit. I love Don and Barb like family and they have taught many people, myself included, just what marriage and love is just by silently watching them. They probably don't read this blog and hopefully I hope they don't mind me mentioning them. Barb has throat, lung, and liver cancer and I ask that those who read this pray for them and why I think it is important to call their names.

  We teased Don when he was at UPS while quietly we admired the love they have between them. Even today they held each others hands while I was there on and off, which was nothing unusual for the pair. After 40 years of marriage. Barb would pack Don's lunch when he drove and even when he went into management, usually accompanied with a little note. We laughed and remembered crazy things we'd done while working together all those years, talked some serious stuff in between, told some jokes, and talked about the world things that seem nuts. For years I ran the route where their house is and would stop in the heat for a glass of cold water. The best though is when Don would be on vacation and I'd stop the Package Car and blow the horn. When Don would come out I'd point to the logo and tell him not to think about work, lol. They are in good spirits and are ready to fight the battle they face. These are good, honest people who have worked hard all their life and it doesn't seem fair and it isn't. Then again, life never is fair.

  So I ask those who read this please stop and take a moment to remember them in their prayers and thoughts. You would love these two as I do if you knew them.