Friday, March 11, 2011


Down yet again today, much worse than the previous two days. I've been getting maybe 3 hours of sleep a night for the last 3 or 4 nights. I think being without any moisture yesterday also increased the problem, but that was my fault. I went to the dentist to have the caps fitted and take the impression of my upper and lower. Time and time again they asked if I was alright and I shook my head yes, thinking it would only be a few more minutes. They made a slot for me so I was there over 2 hours and by the time it came to rinsing out my mouth, before they could suction the water back up I swallowed it, the next squirt too. It felt so good.

  Today I broke down and took a pain pill. First one since my extractions, I had left overs. Denise tried to get me to call Rathfoot but I declined. Last night she wanted me to take a pain pill but I absolutely hate the way they make me fill. Finally tonight though I caved in. I have little to no voice.

  I think Kim may have an excellent point. I did wear a mask inside the basement but I took it off to mix the cement. I know I developed an allergy to any type of cement a few years back, funny, I worked in it for 2 1/2 years with no problem and played around laying block, rock, and tile with no problem. Then all the sudden something changed. Left side of my face is numb on the outside and the left side of my throat I wish would be numb inside too. It has swelled enough to give a referral pain in the left ear. Pieces of some kind of whitish, grayish pieces come loose occasionally. Have no idea what they are though and I done that before.

  Called to tell Charlie to gargle with warm salt water to ease his pain, then figured I'd do some of my own medicine, lol. That is where the pain pill came in, shortly there afterward. I wanted not to call him again today since I have very little voice, it strains to even breathe, and he don't need anything else to scare him. Next week is his biopsy.

  Note to self. Make sure the throat is always lubricated.