Monday, September 16, 2013


I got my teeth today for the bottom. Can you say Tater Chips. :) I took them out tonight from a sore they're making, which is to be expected, and he adjusts them tomorrow. I have to go by later on, me and Megan sit with Denise's dad tomorrow while her mom does her errands.

  The Concrete man has begun. He made a lot of progress today digging out for the concrete. Michael said out last 3 windows were in so I have to pick those up tomorrow too. It is going to be a bit hectic the next 2 days.

  I run mom to her doctor Wednesday and I'm guessing that the concrete might be poured that day, unless it rains. Then maybe Thursday or Friday will do the Diabetes blood test thing, then again, I may put that off another week.

  I dreamed of a Bloomin Onion last week, woke up and even Youtube'd it to get directions. I found out there is a kit, so I ordered it. I've seen the spices kit before, loaded with all  kinds of bad stuff, so I found a recipe. Sure sign of age, when one no longer dreams of women or cars and starts dreaming of food, lol. I actually pinned the videos to my Pintrest, lol.

  Full day today and the next two days. Time for bed.