Monday, October 24, 2011

Update MHH Covenant Health Care Systems visit

  Denise got a copy of Dr Rivera's report today for her Aflack Insurance and it shows only a Morphine Injection and a finger X-Ray. He does not show cause of accident, manipulating the finger, examination of the head, neck, elbow, hands, or shin. So Dr Rivera does not document his work. Why?

  I overheard Denise talking with her sister and she said the Morphine injection could have masked some things going on really bad. Now we're trying to figure out why. Was it my hair was long and I have a beard? Was it that I didn't take time to put my teeth in? It certainly wasn't that they were busy, we were the only ones there. Dr Rivera was busy flirting with a blonde headed nurse. Perhaps we interfered.

  Tomorrow I'll do something I seldom do, call Covenant Heal Care's Top CEOs. For whatever excuse Dr Rivera may come up with, another doctor's report today and another hospital's records are now done. I know they own Morristown Hamblen Hospital and Ft Sanders Regional Medical, but I must say I highly suggest running the opposite way from them. Unbelievable. Perhaps the name should be changed to Covenant Non-Health Care.  


Happy Birthday Little Man. Big 3. 

Went to Dr Schindler today to have myself checked out. He said in all likelihood I had a concussion since I'd lost consciousness but since my headache had stopped was probably ok and didn't need a CAT Scan.  He taped the ring finger to the middles finger and called it a "buddy wrap", or something like that. It helps it bend without as much pain. He wrote a script to have a neck and head X-ray so I went to Lakeway Hospital to have that done. He looked at the gash in my shin, head, fingers and neck. Turns out I tore tendons and ligaments in more than just that finger and more than just one hand. We went ahead and had him do the Thyroid check while I was there. Doc was shocked that all they done was partially set my finger, doped me up, and sent me home.  

   Megan helped me with some of the ceiling insulation in the Sunroom, Al and Mr Fox comes back to put the ceiling in Wed. We still lack a little. Denise is still pissed over Morristown Hamblen's ER, or lack thereof. :) Kim, I was in your hospital today. Next week, Rathfoot follow-up.