Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I woke up this morning kind of unusual. From the hips down both felt swelled and heavy and partially numb. It felt like I had ran a mile or been mountain climbing. The Neuropathy in my feet was unbelievable. This was a first like that. I took my pills yesterday actually on time, didn't forget any. Denise kind of helped me around and after some messaging, she done one, I done the other, I was about to walk down the hall slowly to the bathroom. I took an extra Gabipentin (spelling) and continued to work with the legs after she left for work for about an hour. Then I started walking around for another hour or so, taking breaks. They finally came back but I remained weak the whole day. The pain and stiffness I haven't had like that since the chemo, which done it every time. But that's been a year, over a year. I'm not sure what that was.