Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Beautiful day today. I managed to actually stay up this morning and get some playing done. My throat is well enough to once again sleep in the bed, now if I could get rid of this Sling Blade voice I'd be set. I done a stupid move again yesterday thinking I could cut one the pills for the neuropathy and I'm still paying for it today. Live and learn I guess. I added one today and it seems to be working out all but tonight.

I kept active with the beautiful weather but it doesn't look like I did. Washed dad's truck then backed it back into the garage, it still smells inside like dad. Fixed the battery cables on Big Ugly and put the back spear on the tractor. Moved all the old tires into the garage around back and covered them up. Cleaned up the yard. Mom called and we all met at Cracker Barrel and had lunch. Visited with Misty and the babies. It was just a perfect day. I wished I could have gotten more done but I got in trouble for doing that, lol. I haven't taken any pain meds today which is great. Now if I could just get rid of the patch.

There is a hissing in my right ear, sounds loud. I had it once today. Rathfoot said something about the pressure caused it and it should leave as the swelling goes away, if I remember correctly. There is a constant ringing and referred pain occasionally but the hissing only comes every once and a great while. The first time I heard it I thought Denise had a flat tire, it's that loud.

My CTCL is running wild and wide spread. I wore short sleeves today and really didn't want to get out into the public like that. While the Chemo stopped one cancer it seems to have allowed the other to run free. We meet with Green next month and plan to ask about using the NBUVB, Panella says I can provided I shield my neck. I still want to hear it from Green though.

I have went back to using the Miracle Mouth wash before bedtime. It seems to keep my mouth from drying out as fast but I still keep a bottle of water at bedside. I wake up every so often with a dry mouth. We are talking one where your tongue actually sticks to the roof of your mouth and extremely painful. My Saliva glands seem to be trying to work again somewhat. I also keep the biotene spray near at all times. Tonight the referred pain is in the left ear, the side that Rathfoot said was the worse and oddly enough, the opposite side the tumor was on.