Wednesday, May 8, 2013


  In a little over a week I go back to Rathfoot for a follow-up, hopefully he will be impressed. I upped my Prednisone to 10mg after a battle for soreness and closing off, oddly enough usual for this time of year. Since I don't have the other garden maybe it will go better. I haven't bush hogged yet though but the mowing has been ok so maybe that will go better this year too. Not having the beans may give the knees some time to get better too. From all this rain it is just as well, the other 2 gardens are downing, tomatoes already almost gone. I think too the mold on the ground affects me somehow.

  Megan has learned to keep up with the signs and makes the most out of the days she can when the signs are right. Despite all the water, most of the plants in her area are doing well. Today we went to Sears at East Towne Mall, though I think it's called Knoxville Mall now. I bought a head for the weedeater that uses a different type of string and some shirts me and Megan found. She was shocked at how empty it was. We stopped at KFC and ate, why I have no idea. Then we decided since it was raining we'd just blow the rest of the day, so we went to the Lodge Outlet store in Pigeon Forge, or is the Sevierville, all looks the same these days. I came back with a massive deep frying skillet, we didn't have one of those, lol. I think the WOK is all we lack that they make. :) I have no idea what those are. We don't have one of those hanging 3 legged Dutch Ovens, but I ain't cooking outside unless it's on a grill, lol. It was raining today so we did our running, plus it gave my toes time to heal up a bit, broke two of them about 2 nights ago when I ran into a fan base. That day the cow got out and we had to walk the field, new experience in ouch, lol. I felt like I was at UPS all over again. I once broke two toes on the road, called in to tell them and the boss said ok. He then wanted to know what I wanted and I told him I broke two toes and wanted to know what to do. He said tape them up but be quick about it, don't get behind, lol.

   We seen our first snake yesterday, a Copperhead. It crossed the driveway in front of us as we were walking down and headed into a Yucca and looked to be going towards the barn. Megan wanted to know if I was going to kill it, I think I had something in my hand. We walked to the truck and I got my shotgun out, loaded it and shot in the grass, just not in the Yucca. I think it was already gone. Tomorrow the signs are right to plant above ground so we will dig up some of these Maples and transplant them. I think though since the snake came from that area if I can I'll mow through it first and if not, weed eat a path. They are suppose to be plentiful this year as wet as it's been and both Peacocks are gone now. We will be wearing boots, lol. We live at the edge of the woods, between 2 creeks... the grandkids say we live in the woods, lol. I will invest in some young Peafowl this year and in a couple of years I'll have snake patrol again. I hear cats will keep snakes out and so far that seems to be the case... not.