Saturday, August 3, 2013


  Imagine that, no posts for a while and then suddenly here we go again. Mom got her tests back on her place on her nose and it is cancer, a different kind and completely treatable. Then she got back the results of a swab they done in her nose. Seems that when she had surgery at Ft Sanders she brought home a present, MRSA, since back in the spring! They noticed her WBC count was low, Nutrifils were low, yet of all the doctors that came into the room, nobody caught it. I'm sure she wasn't their only case, it had to start from somewhere. So she is taking meds for the MRSA and maybe that will get her blood building back along with a new Dr added, Dr Hanna, which Denise said she has heard good things about. I remember hearing that name when I took chemo. Now that she is at UT I think things will go better if they can get her on track.

  So come Monday I go see Dr Boyd to get the 2 teeth out I have left, but this is for a consult. I got 2 teeth, want to be knocked out... should be an easy one. :) I have to go and get checked for MRSA too since I was with mom. Maybe thats been my sinuses and stuff, but maybe not. My blood work came back and the Thyroid is officially dead, RIP. They expected this a lot earlier but we all knew it was going to happen. That would explain irritability, sleepless nights, yet staying tired. Hair falling out and dry as a desert, nails breaking off, weight gain (I think the extra Prednisone has a lot to do with that though), and hard to focus (good excuse on that, usually I'm just scatter brained, or ADD). Dr Rathfoot is out until Tuesday, so meds won't be until then at the earliest. The nurse asked if that was ok and I figured sure. As hard as that man works he deserves some peace and quiet, and this isn't life threatening. I think Denise said 4.5 on something level and mine is 5.777.