Saturday, December 3, 2011


  Well, time for an update. Denise, Megan, and mom have been real sick, mom is coughing up blood now plus blowing it out of her sinuses. Misty is trying to catch it too, or should I say trying to avoid it. I've caught a dose of it, especially the intestinal thing and aches. It seems though to stay in the sinus region and I may have figured out why. The lack of working Saliva glads keep my mouth dry and the drainage seems to be stopping there. Yea I know, gross.

  Tomorrow Misty, Matt, and Josh are getting Baptized. We will attend and who knows, maybe we've found a church after all these years, but we shall see. 

  The Llama is still out and we are still unable to catch her. She is hanging out at the Police Chief's house. His wife called the Humane Society who in turn called a Llama Society who says they can catch her if I give her to them. I agreed to do that. I don't want her getting hurt or causing someone to get hurt, plus she needs to be with her own kind.

  Me and Denise went to Knoxville again today and got some of the doors we were talking about getting. They didn't have all the sizes we need so we will have to go back again for the last three. On the way down we finished up Misty's Christmas present. If you read this kid, I ain't tellin' you exactly what this piece is, but it is from the Lodge Store in Sevierville. Denise also picked up a Pizza Pan, Bread Pan, and a deep pot while we were there. Now time for a little funny. It is so hard to find affordable cookware that is safe. Here is a bit of info. Revere sells a stainless steel with a copper bottom. Lodge is the ONLY manufacturer that makes Cast Iron Cookware in the USA. Mercola has some good cookware. You can cook on a glasstop range with good cast iron cookware and even can with a certain model of Presto Canner. Aluminum is bad, clad of not. Nonstick doesn't have to scratch to be toxic, the fumes it puts off is. Porcelain Lodge Cookware is the only one I know of that is made right here in the USA. Actually it's made in Tennessee.  

  While we were there at the Lodge Cookware Store, a nice young man came up to us as we were standing at the big thing where the Handle Holders were. Those familiar with Cast Iron Cookware know they do get hot to touch and the larger skillets and pans have a second handle to grab onto at the opposite end shaped like a crescent moon. He asked if he could help us as I had just handed Denise the Crescent moon shaped holder to check out. She handed it back to me. The young man asked if I knew what they were for. I opened it up, peered inside of it, looked back at him, raising it up to my nose and said, "To blow your nose in". He smiled and said, "No sir, it is for the small grab handle on the other end of some of the cookware". I looked back at the holder, looked at Denise then back again at the holder and said, "See, I told you it was not to blow your nose in." The smile came off his face and he slowly backed up and begin to leave. I said, "Here, you wanna see?" He made a point to be wherever we weren't the rest of the time we were in there. :) God help me, I love doing stuff like that, lol.