Friday, August 31, 2012


   I went by today to see Don and Barbra, but Barb was taking chemo and Don was home cleaning. We chatted for a while, I could see in Don's face he was worried. He says Barb is holding her own, the tumors are still shrinking, but they think maybe it is in her bones (bone marrow) or something like that. It didn't sound good, but if anyone can beat this thing it's Barb.

  Tammy & Jerry started bringing the hay today, 40 rolls the last I counted and I think I told him 120, but maybe 140, I'm not sure. It will take him several trips to bring it, looks good so far. The Wooly Worms I've seen so far this year are black, Mark has seen the same too, signing a bad winter. With that many head plus what will be born we will need extra hay this year. I kept counting 24 cows/calves as I unlocked the gate, so I drove up to take a look see. First time for everything and today was it. One of the twins had somehow got stuck between 2 trees on the top of the hill. I'm not sure how long it had been there but it took some doing to get it out, lol. It went back to it's mom and sibling, weak but determined.

  Looking at a picture Megan took of me eating a Muscadine, I am going on a diet, less Mt Dew, smaller portions, and more movement. I can't fix the ugly part but I can the fat. :)