Monday, December 7, 2009


  We start again with the radiation. When we got there the machine was down. At first Charlie and I were there in the waiting room alone but slowly it began to fill. The young man who has already seen what sounds like Hell on earth going through a stem cell transplant and God knows what else, declared that he was cured only to find out two weeks later it's back. The lady who has some sort of face cancer and other I don't know. This day though, rather than each setting quietly, we all talked. Exchanged stories and secrets of how to ease the burning from the radiation. The wait seemed so short with good company.

  I was drugged from the cocktail plus sleep deprivation, up to 3am before I could go to sleep with my arm, 5:30am came early. Been sick at my stomach for 2 days now in addition. My throat seems to be not so much a problem than my left shoulder. I believe that I get to talk with Green tomorrow, if I understood that correctly and again I am going to bring up possibility of shielding the left shoulder with the anchor in it.

  It's after 12pm and I'm still up. I know that tonight will be my last feel good night for a while, chemo comes Wed. I do so want to skip it. I'll take a sleeping pill in a minute and maybe dose off. I have the humidifier running so that is suppose to help my dry mouth a bit. I also have a spit cup to rid myself of whatever that strange looking stuff is.

  Didn't get an email from Sally tonight which is unusual. I pray she is ok. We made friends she, I, and Aubra a few years ago. I got to know them on the Lymphoma board or back then I think it was called the CTCL Board. We've never met face to face and only spoken a time or two on the phone, but they are great people and good friends. Aubra has since passed on. Sally has become to me one of my best friends in the world.   

Video tonight: