Thursday, May 30, 2013


So far so good, the increase in Prednisone is holding up and I'm tolerating it. I got about 24 days until my next check-up to see if we do surgery or now again on my throat. I don't mind the surgery except that possibility of the tube. As a rule of thumb I have a lot of luck, just not the right kind of luck. :) Me and Megan planted the last garden yesterday, I couldn't stand it any longer, but I didn't do beans... so far. Megan is learning to incubate eggs and raise Peafowl, ducks, & Guineas. As usual, my graceful self, I decided to not wait until the Big Toe healed and broke another toe two nights ago. Megan laughed watching me hobble around planting the garden. At the same time she is learning more and more on gardening and growing, already checking the Signs to see what if anything to do on what day. Just in case one day I have her books on it as well. Denise is off next week and provided the flooring is still good we bought back in 2008, we will do the wood floors... finally. Today has been another great day, especially now that I'm off my feet, lol.